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Friends of King Kaumuali'i
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Kauai’s Last King
ʻAʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia
No task is too big
when done together by all
Fort History During King Kaumualiʻi’s Reign: 1794-1822



          Originally from Cook’s arrival in 1778 and before, this structure was sett back upon a grassy knoll, which when magnified, showed the stone structure of what descendant, Aunty Aletha,  consistently referred to as a heiau & piko.

From as early as 1814, during the tenure of American shipping friends, its use was expanded to bear flags of visiting ships and was central to at least 3 hale for King Kaumuali’i and storage houses for American traders from the ship, Atahualpa.  Shortly thereafter, this ship was purchased by the Russian American Co and renamed the Bering, which crashed on areef in Waimea Bay in Jan, 1815.


In 1816-17,  Schaeffer & Russian interests arrived to reclaim salvage from the Bering and establisg friendly trade & provisioning relationships. Instead Schaeffer acting without authority from the Tzar or Gov Baranovattempted to take control as a “protectorate alliance”.  He did however, design the new fort in a Italienette design  and oversaw initial layout. The heiʻau/piko/flagstaff would become central within the fort walls, as the structure and purpose expanded to  welcome  and include foreign ideas and dignitaries. King Kaumualiʻi and his chiefs directed the construction from Sept 1816 to itʻs completion with at least 1000 Kanaka, including about 300 womeen and three Queens who wished to add their mana to new structure which would serve as the Hawaiian political, commercial and community center for Kauaʻi. Schaeffer was expelled from Kaua’i a year after his arrival by both Kings Kaumuali’i & Kamehameha in a leaky ship which sunk in Honolulu harbor on July 4, 1817. He escaped to Canton on another ship.

Below, Queen Kekaihaʻakulou, (Deborah Kupule) gives honi to Schaeffer for his design and direction of new structure while two attending koa stand guard.                                          Artwork: Brook Parker; hawaiianatart.org.




Your donation will help maintain a full-sized bronze statue to honor the last reigning King of Kauai, Ali’i Nui Kaumuali’i.

The eight foot statue of the King has been installed at Pāʻulaʻula, Waimea.

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